Paint.NET 4.0.5268 Beta - мощный графический редактор

Paint.NET 4.0.5268 Beta - мощный графический редактор


Paint.NET 4.0.5268 Beta - Отличная замена стандартному редактору графических изображений из состава операционных систем Windows 2k/XP. Программа полностью бесплатна, но, в тоже время, обладает многими функциями, которые присутствуют в дорогих графических редакторах: - Поддержка слоев - Различные варианты кисти - Различные графические эффекты - Удаление эффекта "красных глаз" - Поддержка прозрачности PNG - Диапазон зума от 1% до 3200% - и многое другое.

Исправления в этой версии:

    • The Line/Curve tool is now back, and the Line and Curve shapes have been removed from the Shapes tool
    • Fixed the canvas scroll bars occasionally being incorrect after maximizing the main window and then restoring it
    • Fixed radio button group tab processing
    • Improved rendering quality of the Line/Curve tool, especially when antialiasing is disabled
    • The rectangle shape now draws using an “inset” brush stroke. This helps prevents blurriness with odd-sized brush widths
    • Fixed some broken clipping when using Paste and “Expand Canvas”
    • Intel-based GPUs now default to having hardware acceleration disabled. You may still force it to be enabled from the Settings dialog.
    • When pasting, the PNG format now has a higher priority than CF_DIB, which allows easier access to transparency (alpha) from other applications
    • Tools no longer incorrectly commit when clicking on the currently active layer in the Layers window
    • Improved performance of Shapes and Line/Curve tools on most systems (e.g., less than 8 CPU cores)
    • Improved rendering quality of Image->Resize when using Nearest Neighbor
    • Fixed the Palette chooser in the Colors window, which was going away when you tried to move the mouse to click on one of its items
    • The layer’s opacity was being ignored while drawing if it was the lowest (index zero) layer
    • You can now copy a file from File Explorer and Paste it into Paint.NET (regression from 3.5)
    • Fixed many small miscellaneous crashes
    • Shapes tool now lets you commit by clicking outside of the bounding box of the current shape. (you can also start drawing a new shape via clicking and dragging, of course)
    • Improved rendering quality of brush tools when antialiasing is disabled
    • New language: Czech

Страница загрузки Paint.NET 4.0.5268 Beta » (ZIP, 5.8 МB)
Страница загрузки Paint.NET 4.0.5268 Beta » (ZIP, 5.8 MB Зеркало)
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