Mozilla Thunderbird 31.0 - простая доставка почты на дом

Mozilla Thunderbird 31.0 - простая доставка почты на дом

Инет Программы

Mozilla Thunderbird 31.0 - Основой клиентского кода положил Mozilla Mail, а среди основных нововведений можно выделить следующие моменты. Во-первых, была настраиваемая панель инструментов и новый интерфейс. Во-вторых, разработчики несколько улучшили модуль анти-спама, который теперь позволяет вам блокировать HTML в рекламных рассылок, чтобы защитить пользователя от различных сценариев. В-третьих, Mozilla Thunderbird появилась очень удобные панели контактов, с которыми вы можете быстро выбрать адрес получателя. Наконец, программный интерфейс может улучшить расширение, повысить функциональность клиента.

Основные возможности Picasa:

    • Add a LaTeX-to-MathML dialog box to the mail composer
    • Chat notification sound should be customizable
    • Options... and some others should not end w/ ellipsis.
    • Focus on filter editor does not move to new filter field
    • Use the new Australis toolbar button style for messengercompose.css on OS X.
    • Use the new Australis toolbar button style for the AB on OS X.
    • Attachment will lose file extension when renamed in "Save as" dialogue and "hide extension for known…
    • Adjust TB's theme for Windows 8 and up
    • cleanup some unused includes in .idl files of comm-central
    • Icon for closing chat used in hover/onmouseover strechted, should always be square and never become …
    • TB Perma-fail: test_bug718500.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | Unknown chardet: UTF…
    • Participant tooltip content doesn't wordwrap
    • Join Chat dialog box won't close with Auto-join this Chat Room checked
    • Tab is missing end stroke
    • Port Bug 946987: [Australis] curved tabs looks ugly when scaled up (hi-dpi)
    • Shift+Click to switch between HTML and Plain text doesn't work on Account Central "Write a new messa…
    • Incorrect use of error code generation macro.
    • Enable comm-central tests to run in parallel
    • Make thread-pane "snap to last page" behavior optional
    • Win8: Text color on inactive tabs makes text very hard to read (FX bug 940393)
    • "Favorite Folders" view shouldn't sort in a hierarchy?
    • Ctrl+F when composing should just show find bar as usual (with "Find and Replace..." button)
    • [Meta] TB toolkit autocomplete migration
    • Use CharsetMenu instead of the old charsetOverlay in Thunderbird
    • Crash loop/repeats in nsMsgGroupThread::RemoveChildAt
    • Possible improvement in the text of the headers of reply in the emails
    • Account wizard does not allow manual config of SMTP username
    • Add sanity-checking to message list padding improvements
    • [RFE] Show account name in status bar when downloading messages from POP servers (Getting mail from …
    • Review NS_* definitions in nsComposeStrings.h
    • Customize option in Search Messages is wonky
    • In prefs about reply headers, some sequences beginning with % give anomalous results
    • Investigate whether Thunderbird still needs the XPFE autocomplete widget
    • Port bug 915735 to mail/installer/ and suite/installer/
    • When creating a virtual folder, the selected folder for search is incorrect. (it may miss the top-m…
    • Selecting address from recipient autocomplete broken for all scenarios except {Name beginsWith} topm…

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