Emsisoft Internet Security - бесплатный антивирус

Emsisoft Internet Security - бесплатный антивирус


Emsisoft Internet Security - Этот пакет защиты премиум версии дает отличную альтернативу другим классическим пакетам Security Suite. Антивирус, Антишпион и Файрволл - все в одном, но каждый продукт является мировым в своей категории.

Обновлено в этой версии:

    • Redesigned setting storage system to avoid occasional data loss.
    • Improved lookup speed of surf protection feature.
    • Improved permissions system to allow only admins to reset factory defaults.
    • Improved guard sync system.
    • Fixed incorrect icon status color on software startup.
    • Fixed a few access violations and other potential crash bugs.
    • Internal code and resources cleanup to slightly reduce file size.
    • Reduced Anti-Malware Network lookup times.
    • Improved updater module for better stability and speed.
    • Improved restart and reboot routines in updater.
    • Added low screen resolution support.
    • Fixed incorrect scan type on scheduled scans.
    • Fixed a bug in host rules edit dialog.
    • Fixed a button focus issue.
    • Fixed a quarantine log issue.
    • Fixed a bug in real-time protection that may cause behavior alerts to be skipped.
    • Fixed a bug in tray icon context menu.
    • Fixed some minor GUI glitches.
    • Internal code optimizations.
    • Enhanced factory reset feature to reset logs and detection counter.
    • Outdated updates now triggers orange mode after 48h.
    • Enlarged click area of guards ON/OFF checkboxes on overview dialog.
    • Improved handling of reboot for software updates.
    • Improved handling of Anti-Malware Network notification popups.
    • Fixed failure of Anti-Malware Network lookups during online updates.
    • Added code to avoid multiple simultaneous starts of Emsisoft Commandline Scanner.
    • Fixed several Emsisoft Commandline Scanner display issues.
    • Fixed surf protection host list search feature.
    • Fixes tray icon guards state issue, visible on system boot, when “protect if no user logged on” is disabled.
    • Fixed several minor GUI issues.
    • General stability improvements.
    • Fixed problem with multiple browser tabs when clicking web URLs.
    • Fixed updater problem that causes occasional hangs.

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