Paint.NET Beta - лучший бесплатный графический редактор

Paint.NET Beta - лучший бесплатный графический редактор


Paint.NET Beta - Отличная замена стандартному редактору графических изображений из состава операционных систем Windows 2k/XP. Программа полностью бесплатна, но, в тоже время, обладает многими функциями, которые присутствуют в дорогих графических редакторах: - Поддержка слоев - Различные варианты кисти - Различные графические эффекты - Удаление эффекта "красных глаз" - Поддержка прозрачности PNG - Диапазон зума от 1% до 3200% - и многое другое.

Новое в этой версии:

    • New: Added a 'Fill' property to the Paintbrush tool
    • Faster: Move Selected Pixels has been significantly optimized.
    • Faster: Magic Wand Tool has been significantly optimized.
    • Faster: Working with aliased selections ("aliased selection quality" in the toolbar) has been significantly optimized.
    • ?Faster: Edit->Copy and Edit->Copy Merged are now up to 2x faster.
    • Faster: Drawing when a selection is active; clipping performance is now improved.
    • Fixed: The Text tool no longer produces terrible looking text when using Smooth rendering mode without antialiasing.
    • Fixed: The Gear shape had a few glitches.
    • Fixed: Using a Fill pattern w/ the Paint Bucket would sometimes produces misaligned or "corrupt looking" results.
    • Fixed: The alignment of the menu buttons in the top-right was off by 2 pixels, causing them to look weird at high-DPI.
    • Fixed: The zoom buttons in the status bar would not recognize clicks unless the main window was already in focus.
    • Fixed: Some incorrect errors about requiring Windows 7 SP1 when launching the installer from something like an old version of WinZip.
    • Fixed: Edit->Clear Selection and Edit->Cut were filling with transparent black (#00000000) instead of transparent white (#00FFFFFF). This caused some discrepancies compared to older versions of Paint.NET.
    • Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+A when a drawing tool was active would sometimes incorrectly show a tinted selection.
    • Fixed: Text in the title bar was not visible when using a 3rd party Aero theme with black titlebars.

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