Inno Setup 5.5.6 - создание инсталяций

Inno Setup 5.5.6 - создание инсталяций


Inno Setup 5.5.6 - поддерживает все актуальные 32-битные версии ОС Windows, может создавать как цельный инсталлятор, так и с разбивкой по частяс, инсталлятор получается в стандартном стиле 2000/XP. Процесс установки манипулируется параметрами, коих в Inno Setup имеется огромное количество.

Новое в этой версии:

    • Added the Windows 10 "compatibility" section to the various manifest resources used by Inno Setup. This enables any check for the operating system version to get the real version number (10.0) instead of getting the same version number as it did in Windows 8.1 (6.3).
    • Added new [Setup] section directive: SignToolRetryCount, which defaults to 2. Specifies the number of times the Setup Compiler should automatically retry digital signing on any errors.
    • Added new [Setup] section directive: SetupMutex. Can be used to prevent Setup from running while Setup is already running.
    • Fix: Console-mode compiler (ISCC) change: Renamed /DO and /EO command line parameters to /O- and /O+ to avoid possible conflicts with /D.
    • Pascal Scripting change: Unicode Inno Setup: Added new functions VarIsClear and UnpinShellLink.
    • Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) change: Added new function ForceDirectories.
    • Unicode [Code] based on RemObjects Pascal Script Git commit db0d6f521113a31b34a76aeefd79fb148a9c4bfd.
    • Various documentation improvements. Contributed by jogo- via GitHub.
    • Minor tweaks.

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