AllPlayer - всеядный видеоплеер

AllPlayer - всеядный видеоплеер


AllPlayer - Видеоплейер, поддерживающий множество форматов таких как (DIVX/AVI/MPEG/MP3), работает непосредственно с DirectX, особо не загружая систему. Куча встроенных «фишек», например, можете создавать субтитры, регулировка скорости, одновременная работа с несколькими файлами, скины, эффект антизамораживания.

Новое в этой версии:

    • The installer Allplayer has been reduced by almost 40%. This leaves out unnecessary additives and enhancers, such as ALLPlayer Pilot (used to control the player using a smartphone), the installer test your computer's performance Catzilla and Napiprojekt replaced by the most recent program to download subtitles. After installation Allplayer not find it unnecessary desktop icons and shortcuts to programs and features.
    • All additional programs removed from the installer can of course still be downloaded from the
    • Sam ALLPlayer 6.5 Lite comes in the full version with built-in all the codecs needed to play music and videos, including video files directly from a torrent.
    • Still we have access to the most popular national radio stations and music thematic channels.
    • ALLPlayer 6.5 Lite is also improved service and downloading matching subtitles with the best service with subtitles directly from translators.
    • The change to the Lite version the player most affected users who value performance, as the new version of ALLPlayer 6.5 is less CPU and smoother operation, also on older Windows and less powerful computers.

Страница загрузки AllPlayer » (EXE, 27.4 МB)
Страница загрузки AllPlayer » (ЕХЕ, 27.4 MB Зеркало)
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