Kodi (XBMC) 16.0 RC1 - обновленный универсальный медиацентр

Kodi (XBMC) 16.0 RC1 - обновленный универсальный медиацентр


Kodi (XBMC) 16.0 RC1 - является свободным и кросс-платформенный медиаплеером и медиа-менеджером, который может действовать как домашний медиа-центр. Из-за его свободы, а поддержки почти всех популярных операционных систем, есть версии для Windows, Mac и Linux, XMBC может быть хорошим вариантом при выборе программного обеспечения для управления мультимедийным контентом.

Обновлено в этой версии:

• Implement the more future proof DirectX11 for Windows which still works for DirectX9 video cards;
• Event logging which among others shows which video files didn’t got added to your library;
• Skin settings are now stored as separate files like any other add-on which makes migrating settings a lot easier;
• Image resource add-ons which provide a single point of entry for skins to share common used images like movie studio icons and record labels which saves quite a lot of space and bandwidth;
• Audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) add-on integration and are already included which could make things possible like equalizers, sound processing, fake surround and more
• PVR/DVR section has been extended and improved massively which now also handles series recording
• Music library improvements which includes asking to scan to library when adding locations and also better tag scanning
• Button long-press which extends the functionality of a single button to handle two functions which is great for button deprived remotes
• User interface now supports a new stereoscopic depth effect for 3D TVs or VR headsets
• Extend the UPnP server/client integration between Kodi installations
• Android now support a Surface Rendering which keeps the interface at normal HD resolution while allows playback of 4K on supported devices
• Removal of the infamous libstagefright on Android which served us for the past years while the Android platform matured to a fully fetaured MediaCodec
• Add-on manager underwent heavy changes which includes slightly different structure, per add-on auto-update on/off switch, better update/rollback support to choose from repos,
• Extend the included keyboard layouts which includes Korean and Chinese
• Improved multi-touch support which now also works on Linux
• Gives skin developers a more reliable platform to work from and reduce amount of work for adapting to new Kodi versions
• Greatly improved audio and video playback in general

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