Pale Moon 26.2.1 - Firefox по новому

Pale Moon 26.2.1 - Firefox по новому

Инет Программы

Pale Moon 26.2.1 - версия браузера Firefox, оптимизированная для использования всех ресурсов Windows, в том числе Windows 7. Оптимизация исполняемого кода при компиляции помогла сохранить полную совместимость с расширениями Firefox и обеспечила солидный выигрыш в скорости - около 25%, если судить по SunSpider.

Особенности браузера

    • Оптимизирован для современных процессоров
    • 100%-е использование исходников Firefox
    • Использует меньшее количество оперативной памяти, чем FF
    • Высокая скорость отрисовки страниц и обработки скриптов
    • Поддержка SVG и Canvas
    • Поддержка расширений, тем и "персон" браузера Firefox
    • Возможность использования профилей Firefox с помощью инструмента для миграции

Новое в этой версии:

    • Implemented the URL API that's needed for a number of websites.
    • Changed internal keystroke handling within the spec to better align with generally expected behavior.
    • This should fix the infamous "backspace" issue on Facebook.
    • Web developers please note: calling preventDefault() in a "keydown" event handler will now prevent most keypress events from firing.
    • From this version forward you will need to have gstreamer 1.0 libraries for video playback (0.10 is no longer supported).
    • Re-styled about:sessionrestore to use more available screen real estate for tab info.
    • Added an option to use the mousewheel for horizontal scrolling (mouse action value 4).
    • Bumped max icon size for search engine icons to 32 KB to cater to more common use of HiDPI icons.
    • Fixed some hard-coded branding strings in Sync still reading "Firefox", and similarly changed sync information URLs to point to our relevant pages.
    • Removed default profile bookmarks pointing to Firefox/Mozilla since the information there no longer applies to us.
    • Updated UA overrides and XSS configuration to deal with some problematic sites (e.g.: Google, Embedly)
    • Fixed several issues with the default theme causing problems with behavior due to styling (thanks, Antonius32) (Issue #384 and friends)
    • Fixed some miscellaneous issues in the internal jemalloc implementation.
    • Added a configure option to use the full jemalloc lib (jemalloc v3) if the builder so wishes (used for Linux, sys mallocs are not happy there either, so for our generic binaries we switched to this lib now)
    • Worked around a crash caused by the XSS filter on some fora by bailing on too short and empty strings.
    • Fixed layout of reflowed comboboxes without enough space.
    • Fixed a crash related to flexboxes overflowing themselves. (Issue #396)
    • Added a simple implementation for Weak Messagelisteners. (Issue #399)
    • Fixed a crash for losing our cache entry while finishing up compression.

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