BullGuard Internet Security 16.0.320.2 - продвинутый антивирус

BullGuard Internet Security 16.0.320.2 - продвинутый антивирус


BullGuard Internet Security 16.0.320.2 - антивирусный комплекс от датской компании BullGuard. Программа совмещает в себе антивирус, сетевой экран и утилиту резервного копирования. BullGuard также предоставляет 5 ГБ места на собственном сервере для хранения резервных копий. В качестве антивирусного движка использован таковой от компании BitDefender и файрвол от Outpost.

Новое в этой версии:

    • Optimized the detection of conflicting software during the installation of BullGuard applications
    • Enhanced the scan progress bar to show the real-time status for the on demand scanning of "Documents and Settings" from C drive
    • Replaced the” Scan folder” dialogue box from the Antivirus menu with "Custom scan", which now allows also the scanning of single files, not only folders
    • Optimized UX by customizing the browse dialogue boxes to display a logical folder structure
    • Improved GUI for the "Skip files and folders" and "Skip specific processes" dialogue boxes from Settings > Antivirus > Advanced > Tuning
    • Improved Safe Browsing engine to scan also shortened links
    • Added support for Vivaldi browser
    • Improved overall Safe Browsing performance
    • Improved the accuracy of the spam/not spam e-mail counter
    • Reduced the loading time of the BullGuard Spamfilter add-in for Microsoft Outlook
    • Improved the Spamfilter performance in order to take up less CPU memory at startup and to speed up the processing of incoming e-mails
    • Enhanced the Spamfilter module to correctly show whitelisted and blacklisted e-mail addresses that were manually imported via the registry
    • Improved UX by showing a notification while the Spamfilter is processing incoming e-mails
    • Removed the error message “The scanning profile is already running” that appeared in case of stopping and restarting a scan in under 1 second
    • Fixed cases of webpages blocked by BullGuard Safe Browsing on virtual machines, when BullGuard is installed only on the physical system and not on the virtual machine
    • Solved cases of Facebook downloading "xti.php" and "generic.php"
    • Fixed cases of Safe Browsing checkmarks that are not showing on Yahoo search engine
    • Solved cases of Windows Mail crashes caused by BullGuard Spamfilter
    • Fixed cases of allowing e-mails from blacklisted contacts
    • Fixed cases of not keeping Spamfilter settings if protection is turned off and on again while in Basic mode
    • Repaired the functionality of the "Not Spam" button in Mozilla Thunderbird

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