Pale Moon 27.0.3 - Firefox по новому

Pale Moon 27.0.3 - Firefox по новому

Инет Программы

Pale Moon 27.0.3 - версия браузера Firefox, оптимизированная для использования всех ресурсов Windows, в том числе Windows 7. Оптимизация исполняемого кода при компиляции помогла сохранить полную совместимость с расширениями Firefox и обеспечила солидный выигрыш в скорости - около 25%, если судить по SunSpider.

Особенности браузера

    • Оптимизирован для современных процессоров
    • 100%-е использование исходников Firefox
    • Использует меньшее количество оперативной памяти, чем FF
    • Высокая скорость отрисовки страниц и обработки скриптов
    • Поддержка SVG и Canvas
    • Поддержка расширений, тем и "персон" браузера Firefox
    • Возможность использования профилей Firefox с помощью инструмента для миграции

Новое в этой версии:

    • Fixed certain network errors not displaying.
    • Fixed network error page styling.
    • Fixed the writing of DOM storage data to tabs (should solve the „tabs not loading their contents“ issue when migrating a profile and some other situations).
    • Disabled downloadable font unicode-ranges on non-Windows platforms.
    • Added a Google Fonts user-agent override for non-Windows platforms so they don’t send unicode-ranged composite fonts (Feature detection? Google apparently still doesn’t know what that is).
    • Re-enabled the reporting of CSS errors to the console by default to prevent issues with some extensions who rely on this (e.g. Stylish).
    • Fixed and updated preferences for location bar suggestions.
    • Fixed several x64-specific issues in memory allocation code (regression fix).
    • Fixed timer issues when resuming a computer from stand-by (regression fix).
    • Fixed a number of branding and textual issues in the browser.
    • Fixed prompting for the saving of off-line data (previously always allowed without prompting).
    • Fixed a layout regression that would cause block elements following left floats to not wrap to the next line if there wasn’t enough clearance.
    • Fixed a mismatch in Firefox extension compatibility-mode installation where Firefox extensions served by would be marked incompatible when trying to install.
    • Fixed use-after-free while manipulating DOM events and removing audio elements (CVE-2016-9899).
    • Fixed CSP bypass using the marquee tag (CVE-2016-9895).
    • Fixed a vulnerability in the internal Jetpack modules (CVE-2016-9903). DiD
    • Fixed use-after-free in Editor while manipulating DOM subtrees (CVE-2016-9898).
    • Fixed an error in the buffer logic in http-chunked decoder.
    • Fixed a crash in generational GC code (not in use by default) DiD
    • Fixed a compartment mismatch bug in plug-in code
    • Fixed a crash trying to get a nonexistent property.
    • Improved MediaRecorder’s observer safety.
    • Fixed a crash related to document history.

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