Process Lasso - удобный мониторинг процессов

Process Lasso - удобный мониторинг процессов


Process Lasso - отличная утилита для Windows, позволяющая вручном или автоматическом режиме манипулировать запущенными процессами, на вашем компьютере для достижения максимального быстродействия и стабильности. Есть возможность отключения процессов, полностью загружающих процессор, имеется возможность создавать списки разрешенных и запрещенных к запуску процессов, ведется детальный логгинг всех процессов.

Новое в этой верси:

    • Fixed issue with switching between profiles would cause governor to refuse to acknowledge changes until it restarted
    • Fixed issue with creation of new profiles when selecting to use current config
    • Fixed some new features of the silent/unattended install
    • Fixed an issue with the new, now optional, file-system backed synchronization (used for UNC paths and those who have thousands of remote instances)
    • Fixed issue where when there was contention for the configuration, it could become locked in a static state until the governor (or GUI) was restarted – either could have manifested this
    • Replace a file-system lock with mutex, returning to prior behavior while giving those who need a file-system lock access to one.
    • Restart Process Lasso after changes in ‘Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts’
    • Increase efficiency of file-system lock by approx 50% – though this is now something not used by most (must be manually enabled)
    • Remove old warning about changing settings when the ‘reset to defaults’ section is checked in the installer
    • Added slight delay to governor when a config change is detected to deal with rapid-fire changes like sliders
    • Improve config profile management, creation, and deletion
    • Improve config import/export
    • Re-enabled creation of config profiles (were disabled while under maintenance for safety)
    • Other minor code adjustments and improvements
    • Updated French and Russian

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