MPC-BE - универсальный медиаплеер

MPC-BE - универсальный медиаплеер


MPC-BE - универсальный проигрыватель аудио и видеофайлов для операционной системы Windows. Этот проект имеет свою независимую разработку на базе оригинального кода «Media Player Classic» и «Media Player Classic - Home Cinema», со своими нововведениями и оптимизацией. Плеер имеет внушительный набор аудио-видео фильтров, который позволяет ему воспроизводить практически все существующие форматы медиафайлов.

Новое в этой верси:

    • Corrected file history saving.
    • Fixed the "Apply" button in the settings.
    • Fixed link to uICE website.
    • Fixed inactivity of the subtitle selection button for some DVD-Video.
    • Fixed the size of the external filter settings windows.
    • Improve the playlist. The "Sort by Name" command has been fixed. Added "Reverse Sort".
    • The list of MPCAPI_COMMAND is synchronized with the project MPC-HC. Incorrectly working commands fixed, CMD_OPENFILE_DUB added. MPCTestAPI refactoring.
    • Added support for horizontal roller or mouse buttons (Mouse Wheel Left/Right).
    • Fixed crash when trying to view MediaInfo data on some matroska files.
    • Added processing of the / open parameter without specifying the path, in which case the last memorized file will be opened.
    • Adjust OSD output.
    • Fixed reading of the "INDEX" field in the Cue sheet.
    • Fixed incorrect exit from full-screen mode in some cases.
    • Removed useless "EDL window" and related functionality.
    • Fixed incorrect display of messages about the inconsistency of the version of language .dll in the absence of these most .dll
    • Fixed deleting files from the playlist and moving several items.
    • Fixed processing of subfolders with Drag'n'Drop.
    • Improved search for similar files.
    • The option "Fullscreen Direct3D" has been renamed to "Exclusive Full Screen".
    • Added the ability to open .url and .website files (similar to .lnk).
    • Display the main menu instead of the context menu, when the main menu is hidden.
    • Hot keys of the main window now work with an active playlist (except those used in the playlist itself).
    • Added the ability to open AceStream links (acestream://).
    • Improved work with M3U playlists. Fixed saving M3U playlists, missing duration in the #EXTINF field.
    • Added the command "After playback: always close the file".
    • Fixed a crash when you click "Previous" and the option "After playback-> Play next in the folder (loop)".
    • Corrected standard ranges for switching display mode.
    • Fixed contrast adjustment on values close to the minimum on renderers like EVR on Nvidia cards (Nvidia bug).
    • MPC Audio Renderer has been moved to the top of the list of audio renderers and now has the number 0.
    • Added option to control the display of text in the scroll bar. Changed the text output control in the title bar.
    • Added the ability to connect an Acon Digital Media EffectChainer filter.
    • Many more....

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