Скачать Учебник по физике

Скачать Учебник по физике

Офис Программы

На сайте Кристофа Шиллера (Christoph Schiller) под названием MotionMountain выложен 1200-страничный учебник по физике. При этом - абсолютно бесплатно. Автор утверждает, что его работа позволяет понять фундаментальные законы физики на простых примерах.

Сайт существует с 1997 года и за это время его посетили более 200 000 человек. Скачать бесплатно учебник (18 редакция, на английском языке) в формате pdf размером 40 Мб можно на сайте самого Кристофа. Там же расположились отдельные главы из учебника и заархивированная версия учебника (gzip, 31.5 Мб).

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new version available


Sorry, I do not speak Russian: The new version of the physics textbook is available now. See [ ссылка ] The 19th edition, of May 2006, gives details on radiometric dating techniques, explains how to destroy airplanes with thermometers, shows how to use the same idea to measure the speed of bullets and that of light, presents a classical system that obeys the Schroedinger equation, introduces Tesla coils, shows that space-time has different properties in certain patent offices, tells how to see effects from atoms using only a lamp and a piece of metal, gives more details on clouds and jets of astronomic size, shows how to perform a precision Michelson-Morley experiment, adds a tiny summary of string theory, gives the latest results on the Pioneer anomaly, introduces fusion reactors, demonstrates the chromatic lens errors of the eye, presents the simplest unsolved problem about the trefoil knot, and provides, thanks to the help of Martin Elsaesser, the first embedded animation. Writing and layout have been improved. Enjoy. Christoph Schiller

9 мая 2006 21:07



Таблица состояния реальных газов

19 июля 2006 09:19

Christoph Schiller


I still speak no Russian, but my introduction does: The new, twentieth edition of my freely downloadable physics textbook in pdf form is now on [ ссылка ] Over 1380 pages lead through the whole of physics, from mechanics to relativity, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, quantum theory, nuclear physics and unification. Many explanations across the text have been improved, often triggered by the input of readers across the internet. Thank you to all of them. The twentieth edition now contains a dozen animations and films: generation and motion of electromagnetic waves, leap-frogging vortex rings, jumping snakes, the propagation of solitons and dromions, growing ice crystals, rotating atomic orbitals, the actin-myosin system in muscles in action, and Dirac's belt trick. The twentieth edition also introduces robots that walk on water, explains how to observe the polarization of light with the unaided human eye (in the same way as honey bees do), includes a clearer explanation of the curl of a function, introduces dromions and the challenge to observe them in everyday life, shows how to produce floating plasma clouds similar to ball lighting, improves the explanation of quantum mechanics, tells more about the Galilean satellites, tells how to compare the density of the Moon and the Sun by looking at the sea, mentions the world records for running backwards and the attempts to break the speed sailing record, tells in more detail how to learn from books with as little effort as possible, includes thermographic images, shows a photograph of each element, explains more clearly the generation of electromagnetic radiation, presents the polarized car headlight problem, and includes many new puzzles. Enjoy the reading! Christoph Schiller

15 января 2007 23:07

Christoph Schiller


The new, 21st version is online: 1490 pages and 70 MB: The new, twenty-first edition of the freely downloadable physics textbook is available on [ ссылка ] Almost 1500 pages lead through the whole of physics, from mechanics to relativity, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, quantum theory, nuclear physics, astrophysics and unification. Over hundred new figures and tables, and numerous explanations have been added, with many examples from animals, plants and machines. The twenty-first edition now explains why the speed of light is too slow to speculate with success on the stock exchange, adds the second-level bear fur colour puzzle and the young mother puzzle, presents the nearest place with a pressure permanently lower than that of the atmosphere, adds the puzzle about the horse and the snail on a rubber, tells more about metamaterials, adds some simple chemical puzzles, presents what incredible things on atomic layers one can discover using a pencil and sticky tape, tells more on biological rhythms and clocks, explains how to observe the rotation of the Earth in any classroom after two seconds of observation, shows an electric effect observed on many playgrounds, shows the beauty of bursting soap bubbles and bouncing tennis balls, explains how it is possible to observe the motion of single, isolated electrons, gives more details on the shape of the proton, and tells how to build the simplest possible radio control system. The first 360 pages are available also in French, due to the great work of Benoit Clenet, and can be downloaded from the bienvenue page. A wiki open to everybody now keeps track of misprints and suggestions. Enjoy the reading! Christoph Schiller

23 декабря 2007 00:11



If you don't speak Russian, keep out our this site.

8 апреля 2009 17:03

Petrov Ivan


Thanks a lot!!! This is the great book even for not-well-english-speaking people!!!! And take no heed on all kind of spineless creatures! ))))))))))

29 апреля 2009 11:28

cruel boy


your book I did not help!!!! in general shit....

2 июля 2009 00:04



Thanks a lot! Book`s great! And please don`t listen those mean people...I`m sure they know physics as well as table does!!!

23 июля 2009 23:48

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