WinSCP 5.6.3 Beta - безопасное копирование информации

WinSCP 5.6.3 Beta - безопасное копирование информации

Офис Программы

WinSCP 5.6.3 Beta - Удобная утилита для копирования файлов между локальным и сетевым компьютером. Его основная функция - безопасное копирование файлов между локальным и удаленным компьютером с помощью протокола SSH. В дополнение к этой основной функции, WinSCP способен выполнять другие операции, наиболее часто используемых при работе с файлами.

Новое в этой верси:

    • Improved GUI responsiveness (with SFTP, SCP and FTP protocols).
    • Sites can be mass-modified using /batchsettings command-line parameter.
    • Use default transfer mode for edited files, except when using Notepad.
    • Added method Session.AddRawConfiguration to configure any global configuration option.
    • Optionally logging even sensitive information (such as passwords).
    • Consistently logging transferred bytes for every transferred file.
    • Improving protection from undesired modifications of local files when handling URLs from browser while relieving restriction on combining URLs on command line with some switches, such as /log, /xmllog and /defaults.
    • The failonnomatch option applies also to ls and lls command.
    • Replaced -explicittls command-line parameter and switch of open command with -explicit and deprecated -explicitssl.
    • Change: lls by default only displays a notification that no matching file is found, instead of failing.
    • Differentiating unknown private key format and non-existing/non-readable private key file errors.
    • Bug fix: Session cannot be opened when Session.AddRawSettings is used.
    • Bug fix: Failure when connecting to WebDAV server not supporting persistent connections.
    • Bug fix: Keepalives were turned off when overriding site settings with raw settings
    • Bugfix: Parameter /rawconfig was not documented in usage.
    • Bug fix: The Use default system editor button is misplaced on (ad-hoc) Editor dialog.
    • Bug fix: Synchronization checklist window could be resized too small not to fit Custom button.
    • Bug fix: The last file upload before creating a remote directory is not reported with .NET assembly.
    • Bug fix: Progress bar not appearing on task bar when main window is not visible.
    • Bug fix: Overwrite confirmation was required when changing case of site name.
    • Bug fix: Failure when copying multiple files checksum results to clipboard.
    • Bug fix: Large sizes are displayed incorrectly.

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