Adobe Reader 11.0.11 - лучший инструмент PDF для Windows

Adobe Reader 11.0.11 - лучший инструмент PDF для Windows

Офис Программы

Adobe Reader 11.0.11 - это бесплатный, проверенный стандарт для надежного просмотра, печати и внесения аннотаций в документы PDF. Это единственное средство просмотра файлов PDF, которое позволяет открывать и взаимодействовать со всеми типами контента PDF-файлов, в том числе с формами и мультимедийными объектами.

Новое в Adobe Reader 11:

    • Lotus Notes 9.0.1 gives overflow error when Acrobat pdfmaker 11.0.06 is installed.
    • Converting word document with PDF/A-1a settings changes the background color of image/logo.
    • PDFMaker creates wrong hierarchy of bookmarks.
    • Acrobat crashes on combining certain files.
    • The header section of a particular Word file is missing when the file is converted to PDF via PDFMaker.
    • Watermarks are not getting converted from Word to PDF with PDF/A-1a compliance.
    • Digitally signing the inner pdf doesn’t mark the file as “dirty”, so closing Acrobat doesn’t prompt for saving, and the Save menu item is disabled.
    • Acrobat blocks using national hashing algorithms in third-party DigSig plugins.
    • Signature Advanced Properties does not display the Hash Algorithm.
    • The revocationTime Entry in an OCSP Response is not Being Processed Correctly.
    • Dig Sig Validation is slowed down due to Address Book Size.3839426: Recognize Text with Clearscan halts when renderable text is found.
    • Scanning options are not appearing in ICA window.
    • With PV On, Sendmail adds a tmp (or other non-PDF) attachment.
    • Adobe Acrobat/Reader XI does not show full-screen when rotate operation(90/270) is performed on Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13.
    • Acrobat/Reader window goes blank on clicking “Open” button for certain languages.
    • When opening pdfs on Terminal Server 2003 relatively small pdfs

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