Adobe Reader 11.0.17 - лучший инструмент PDF для Windows

Adobe Reader 11.0.17 - лучший инструмент PDF для Windows

Офис Программы

Adobe Reader 11.0.17 - это бесплатный, проверенный стандарт для надежного просмотра, печати и внесения аннотаций в документы PDF. Это единственное средство просмотра файлов PDF, которое позволяет открывать и взаимодействовать со всеми типами контента PDF-файлов, в том числе с формами и мультимедийными объектами.

Новое в этой версии:

    • Unable to save certain extended Unicode characters in PDF via. in Fill and Sign.
    • Blank CEF views are rendered after applying patch for Acrobat/Reader, if CEF resources are in-use or locked.
    • Acrobat DC hanging when trying to access a SharePoint library with large number of files.
    • When clicking on the fields in a pdf form, to set the expressions for the calculations, after repeating the process for 3-4 times, acrobat goes to a non-responding state.
    • Acrobat hangs after scanning number of pages from ADF.
    • Unable to scan using WIA from custom scan setting page when scanning is once done using preset options.
    • Show scanner user interface’ check box can’t be checked from CPDF if we scan from preset once.
    • Nothing happens while selecting output as ‘save multiple files’ from Scan settings page.
    • Slow performance in case of huge PDF files having multiple layers.
    • SMS fte card is static when acrobat is launched on fresh install for the first time.
    • SMS FTE Card is not appearing on Update.
    • SMS Feature: SMS fte card is static when acrobat is launched after installation for the first time.Inserting a .ai file into pdf via ‘Insert from File...’ is no longer supported.
    • [Unicode]:Create PDF from Web Page ignores Unicode characters.
    • [Unicode]:Firefox: Convert Web Page to PDF with Firefox Web Browser Acrobat widget.
    • Critical vulnerabilities in web capture in third-party library.

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