WPS (Kingsoft) Office - альтернативный офисный пакет

WPS (Kingsoft) Office - альтернативный офисный пакет

Офис Программы

WPS (Kingsoft) Office - офисный пакет, созданный китайским разработчиком программного обеспечения Kingsoft как альтернатива Microsoft Office. Из достоинств следует отметить бесплатность а так-же занимает намного меньше места, открывается за считанные секунды. Вы получите возможность работать с документами, электронными таблицами и презентациями. Kingsoft Office Suite Free содержит удобный текстовый процессор под названием Writer, а Presentation позволит вам создавать презентации, инструмент Spreadsheets может работать с таблицами. Все приложения могут экспортировать результат в PDF форма.

Новое в этой версии:

    • Added support for changing measurement units in Spreadsheets and Presentation. Option->General and Save->Measurement units. Default unit now follows the system settings.
    • Added ability to switch between Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese in the English version.
    • Fixed the bug that prevented enterprise users activating WPS Office if they used a proxy server for internet connection. WPS Office Configuration Tools ->Update Settings ->Internet Connection
    • Fixed the application window bug that prevented window from being adjusted to a minimum size.
    • Fixed the temporary file cleaning bug in Writer and Presentation when saving files to the Egnyte Drive folder.
    • Fixed the bug that caused Endnote and OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-ins for Office to not be loaded correctly.
    • Fixed the bug that caused Writer to sometimes crash when users created or printed an envelope.
    • Fixed the bug that prevented three dots (...) from being automatically replaced as Horizontal Ellipsis.
    • Fixed the bug that automatically capitalized the first letter of a word next to ellipsis.
    • Fixed the bug that caused Russian letters to overlap when the font is set to italic Calibri.
    • Fixed the malfunction of Subtotal feature in Spanish, French, German and Russian version.
    • Fixed the bug where under English (United Kingdom) setting, Spreadsheets did not show the English Pound mark ₤ when setting the cell format to default currency format.
    • Fixed the bug where under Vietnamese (Vietnam) setting, if users first input the date as day/month/year, date format would change when users edited the cell again.

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